Remote Locations

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RM's buildings are the perfect solution to getting buildings to remote hard to reach locations because they are are tough, versatile, non-corrosive, light weight and easy to ship and assemble.

RM buildings 

  • Have been used for such applications as field research stations, labs, camps and in the Arctic oilfields.
  • Can be crated for transport on an airplane.
  • Easily transported by helicopter.
  • Easily assembled by your crew in the remote location.
  • Some of our projects in remote locations are shown below.


RM Products Ltd was very pleased to have designed and manufactured a Reasearch Station on Bylot Island. All of the components were transported to Nunavut and assembly was done by students on the research team. A supervisor to oversee the assembly was supplied by us. 

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Ward Hunt Island Research Lab

The Ward Hunt Island Observatory research station is owned and run by the Centre d’études Nordiques in Ward Hunt Island is located at the northernmost tip of Canada, off the coast of northern Ellesmere Island and is part of Quttinirpaaq National Park, Nunavut, It is situated about 750 km from the North Pole. We designed and supplied all of the components for the Research Lab.


The Government of Nunavut required two base camp shelters 16' wide x 24' long x 9' high. 

Because our components can all be shipped flat, we were able to crate the parts for the long trip north. The parts also had to be stored until they could be shipped to their final destination

The buildings were assembled on site by park personnel.  The buildings were strapped down for anchoring until they can be mounted onto the supplied jack stands.

Note that each building has 36" x 36" windows with bear covers! 

The RM buildings are used for storage but they will also be outfitted with camp stoves to be used as a remote shelter. 

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RM's wellhead shelters have withstood the Arctic weather for years.

Because they are strong but light weight, they won't sink in the tundra.