Established in 1989, RM Products Ltd. is a leader in producing exceptional quality fiberglass modular buildings. RM Products Ltd. building systems are available in a multitude of sizes and styles for a wide range of applications. For unique requests, RM Products Ltd. takes a personal approach to designing a fiberglass structure that fits the customer's needs exactly. The RM Products team works closely with the client to ensure a positive experience. RM Products Ltd.'s pre-engineered modular structures are virtually maintenance free, non-corrosive, chemical resistant, portable and tested to ensure strength against wind and snow loads typical for the North American climate.

RM Products Ltd. fiberglass buildings are used for many different applications such as wastewater treatment equipment covers, chemical storage, wellhead shelters, ready to move buildings, RBC covers, injection well covers, storage buildings, equipment enclosures, chemical containment, guardhouses, construction offices, screen covers, pumping stations, secondary treatment systems, army barracks, communications buildings and many more.

In addition to our RM fiberglass structures, we also manufacture, boxes,dock boxes, pump covers and cabinets. 

A Note From Our Directors

When we see our original 8 x12 one piece storage buildings still being used at a gas station, for instance, for over 20 years, we feel very proud. They are proof of our vision to provide a quality, durable product. When we see the orange well houses in Alaska, the multi unit warehouse centers for specific clients or the military barracks at the Canadian Forces Bases, we see our innovation at work. When we see the customized equipment covers that are being used in the environmental industry, we know that we are listening to our customers needs and providing the product that they require. The fact that we have had the same customers supporting us from the very beginning and the fact that new customers with new needs call daily, shows us that our markets are diversified. We invite you to look through our web site to see what we have achieved and, perhaps, to give us a call to challenge us to innovate for your needs.

Marian Chotowetz, Director
Randy Chotowetz, Director


What began in 1989 as an idea to provide long lasting portable storage buildings for industry, schools and retail has developed into the present day RM Products Ltd which offers a wide variety of modular buildings, covers and boxes.

Founded by Randy Chotowetz and Marian Chotowetz, the directors' mission statement is:

  • To support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value;
  • To expand and continually improve utilizing quality practices and employee involvement to manufacture our fiberglass products;
  • To build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest quality and most reliable products to our world wide customers;
  • To develop diversified markets which will allow us to achieve our vision and to provide opportunity to RM employees for years to come.