Our buildings have been designed to be easily assembled on or off site

Assembly Manuals

 RM Products Ltd Fiberglass Prefabricated Buildings General Assembly Manual and the Mini Door with Spring Tension Installation booklet contain important information that you may require to assemble our modular buildings and portable building kits. Both guides are available through the links below in PDF format. 

8' W Assembly Guide (pdf)


12' 14' 16' W Assembly Guide (pdf)


20' wide assembly (pdf)


Assembly Videos

Check out our assembly video. 


RM's prefabricated buildings, fiberglass equipment enclosures, and cabinets can be mounted at our factory or in the field. Some of our mounting options are shown in the photo gallery. 


· Easily install value added components to the interior of RM's fiberglass buildings. The internal structural flanges​ provide a convenient place to fasten or mount electrical boxes or cable clips for wiring.

  · Holes can be easily cut to mount through wall equipment such as exhaust fans and a/c units.

· Panels can be reinforced to hold the weight of larger HVAC systems that may be required.

  · Components such as heaters, lights and surface mounted utility boxes can be either glued or screwed to the interior surface of the insulated fiberglass panels.

· Cable clips and conduits can be mounted to the interior surface of the insulated panels as well as the interior flanges of the parts.

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Repair Kit & Instructions (pdf)