Custom Buildings - Let Us design a building for your needs

The projects shown below are a few examples of how RM can design and manufacture custom products.

Non Corrosive, sustainable, salt water environment, custom design, solid fiberglass, pre-engineered.

Non Corrosive Floating Office and Storage Buildings

RM Products designed a non corrosive office and storage building to be used on a barge. The buildings were pre-assembled and shipped to the site ready to be used.  

 The RM pre-engineered, modular fiberglass building system is a perfect fit for saltwater environments.
• Non – Corrosive
• No Metal and No Wood
• Solid Fiberglass
• Stainless Steel Hardware
• Versatile For A Multitude Of Applications
• All Buildings Are Insulated
• Light Weight & High Strength
• Maintenance Free
• Easy To Add On Modules 

Hauled Waste Water Receiving Station, HWWRF, resist corrosive material, portable, equipment cover.

Septage Receiving Station

RM Products fiberglass design for septage receiving stations provide a successful solution for highly malodorous and corrosive environments.  RM's design safely contains the extensive odors and resists the most highly corrosive matter because they are made entirely of fiberglass.  The structures have minimal components, maintaining high strength and durability while remaining light weight.  The fiberglass building panels allow for greater portability and the buildings can be shipped to remote areas or relocated when required.

MCC, fiberglass, custom design, easy to ship, pre-assembled, components, fiberglass, options

Motor Control Center

RM Products was approached by a large electric power company to design a motor control building to be assembled over a motor situated very close to an existing building. We worked with the customer to design an 18' wide x 99'3" long x 13'3" high building and also provided CAD drawings for approval, manufactured the fiberglass parts, sourced  and supplied all of the hardware, arranged the shipping and provided a crew to do the installation.