Guardhouses, Kiosks, Portable offices

High Strength, light weight, portable, custom, work station, personnel office, Sustainable

  • RM Products Ltd. Guardhouse design is strong and rugged to meet the needs of our clients.
  • RM Products Guard Shack uses our modular design, which maximizes strength and minimizes building components to make the enclosure light weight and portable.
  • The durable guardhouse structure is made entirely of fiberglass (insulated panels are available as an option).
  • RM's Guard booth comes in a variety of designs and sizes.
  • All Guardhouses and Portable offices can be customized to suit your exact need and location.
  • RM Products portable office building / work station has been used by many different types of companies as security kiosks, entry personnel offices and Guardhouses.
  • Our buildings can be relocated or enlarged as your needs change.

More Information on RM Guardhouses, Kiosks and Portable Offices

Guardhouse (pdf)